About Us

Al Manar Book Centre:

It was initially established in Damascus in (2004) and subsequently two more branches were opened in Aleppo (2005), Homs (2006)

At Al-Manar Book Centre we pride ourselves on being an exclusive agency for pioneer publishers:

McGraw-Hill Education, Cengage National Geographic, Elsevier Health, Hueber Verlag, Cornlesen, MM Publications, Langenscheidt

and primary distributor for international publishers including:

Macmilan, Marshall Cavendish, Cengage, Collins, Hachette, Harcourt, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Houghton Mifflin, Express Publishing, F.A. Davis, Cambridge HED, Jones & Bartlett, Hodder Arnold, NelsonThones, Scholastic, Springer Verlag, Thieme Verlag ...


We are specialized in providing:

  • languages’ Curricula (English, German, French)
  • References and academic books
  • Miscellaneous books (History, Literature, Philosophy, Self -Development ...)
  • Dictionaries
  • International exams preparation books
  • Digital Libraries


Our slogan:

"Education Partners"


Our vision:

As our slogan “Education Partners” indicates, we do not just sell books (we are not just another book-store).

What our mission implies is to offer our customers the best available choices and then support them by providing specialized training, access code, supportive components for teachers…etc.  and the helpful components that will produce successful Educational Experiment.

Our Activities:

  • Training workshops for schools' teachers on the teaching methods related to MBC's curricula.
  • Educational Exhibitions
  • Workshops introducing digital libraries and their usage in scientific research for public and private universities
  • Book Fairs